Sailing Your Life Boat

We humans are very emotional and complex beings. Relationships are always complex and we have a knack of complicating them. No matter how nice your family and how close you all are at home, differences are bound to crop up and tempers do rise. It is when we lose control over our emotions and get into the argument that we end up spoiling our mood as well as the relationship, little realising that we are working steadily at destroying the building blocks of our relationships.

If you look at any relationship and the problems faced, most of the times the problems arise due to communication or lack of it. Miscommunication and lack of communication creates huge misconceptions and builds divides. Coupled with communication one needs to have emotional maturity as well as tolerance to be able to manage a good relationship with others be it with wife, sister, children, parents or friends.

Sailing Your Life Boat

We do lose control over our emotions at times when we are upset or tired and vent out our frustration as well as anger. This is acceptable and the others in the family will put up with it once or twice. But if it goes beyond a tolerable limit, it starts affecting the relationship.

In any relationship the sustaining factor is the emotional bank account. This concept has been clearly elucidated by the famous Stephen Covey. With every thought and gesture as well as interaction with your family and friends, you are depositing or withdrawing from the emotional bank account that you have with the person. Once you have understood this concept you will find yourself making a conscious effort to keep making deposits all the time with your interactions especially with your spouse.

When the emotional bank account deposit is high, you will find that there is also interest that you gain in the form of respect, trust and tolerance. So if you want your family to be supportive and accommodating the effort has to be put in by you. You have got to start emotional bank accounts with everyone and make deposits.

When it come to the case of your wife, it is important that you both keep making deposits into this emotional bank account so that it strengthens your relationship. You have also got to show support and love through physical demonstration too. Even in case of your children, physical demonstration in terms of hugging and kissing can be very reassuring. When it comes to your spouse, it is important to make time for each other and enjoy a holiday together where nothing else from the outside world intrudes into your privacy. Of course make sure that you order Viagra right now online and have it delivered to your home before you set off on your romantic holiday.

The more you deposit through such holidays the more your relationship will be strengthened. It is with the support of your solid partnership that you will be able to sail your boat safely through the rough seas in life and reach the safety of the shores.

Every time you have a chance to interact with your loved ones, remember that you are making a deposit and hence communicate and give them heartfelt love and affection. Watch your deposit grow and yield interest.