Men And Beauty

Beauty is always synonymous with women. We hardly think of the other visual forms of beauty including that of nature and colors etc. When we think of the word beauty, the mind conjures up the picture of a beautiful woman. To a large extent the word beauty and the picture of the beautiful woman also brings to the mind the thought of sex. Thus women have always been associated with the image of sex. Nature too has intended women to pursue their beauty. The women’s pursuit of beauty is in fact fuelling multi- million dollar industry across the globe. You have the beauty products and treatments that bring out cosmetic products and beauty enhancing treatments. You have the various health and weight reduction plans offered by the health and fitness industry aiming to make women more beautiful. Medical industry is not far off. With botox and other beauty aids, they sell dreams to women and offer to re-craft the women’s body and sculpt them into beautiful mermaids as well as make their bodies young forever.

If you thought that this is true in case of women, you will be surprised to note that even in case of men the same thing holds good. There is a huge industry that targets and sells secrets, therapies, creams, lotions, treatments and even cosmetic surgeries to men as well. Whoever said that only women are after beauty? Men too are not far behind.

Men And Beauty

Men just like women go to beauty salons and get their facials and pedicures as well as waxing done regularly. Personal grooming has taken on a new meaning. If you thought that the number of beauty creams and make up products available for women are so many, men too sail in the same boat today.

In case of men, it is not only the beauty that matters. They have other issues to deal with. There is a constant pressure on men to go to the gym to work out and maintain a fit and muscular body devoid of any fat. Men who are lean and fit manage to attract the attention and any bit of flabby body or fat in the wrong places is looked down upon by women. Men are very sensitive to their looks and do not admit this as a fact. Their self esteem is closely linked to their looks and their ability to attract female attention.

Male impotence is another factor that plagues men to a large extent. Men identify their identity and core being with their maleness or their libido. Mostly men do conjure wrong impressions due to lack of awareness and believe that their physical body is what wins them the love of a girl. The physical aspect of the sex is given more importance as compared to the emotional aspect of love.

The fear of male impotence and the interest in sex has fuelled the growth of a huge cosmetic surgery industry that promises enhancement of the sexual organ, hair grafting and other body sculpting treatments.