Marriage And Sacrifice For Love

A successful marriage is one where the couple is able to make each other happy and live a fulfilling life giving one another the space to grow and blossom. When marriage takes a form of a friendship and interdependence, the relationship can withstand any kind of ups and downs in life. The true partners in a marriage are like two wheels of a cart that run parallel but together to keep the chariot of family on course. A successful marriage and partnership calls for sacrifice, trust, friendship and respect as well as love, affection, care, empathy on the part of wife as well as husband.

Wife and Husband

A marriage involves not only the two people but a lot many more lives in both sides of the family as well. Then there are the children who come along too. Nature has intended both man and wife to bond in matrimony to be able to play the role of parents and nurture their off springs. Apart from having to be there for one another in life, the couple gets to play different roles as well. In being parents, the couple not only play the roles as parents but it is their natural duty intended by nature as well.

We as individuals are not perfect beings. Each one of us has our weakness and strengths. In a marriage it is essential for both the partners to cover up for one another and support the other where he or she is weak. Leading a married life is not only about the physical relationship but understanding the larger concept of love too. Love for one another in a marriage transcends the physical and psychological needs and wants. Love calls for making sacrifices and walking that extra mile in order to be together.

There are many cases where one of the partner may be physical disable or infertile. We do see them having successful marriage and overcoming their disabilities and problems. Male incompetence is one of the common problems threatening men. In ability to achieve erection or engage in a satisfactory physical relationship or help father a child is found in many men. While erectile dysfunction can be a temporary problem that can be corrected with medication, low sperm count or any other problems related to physical organ that hinders sexual relationship can require long term treatment.

It is not only the male impotence, but infertility amongst women is also a threat to marriages. Many couples approach doctors to be able to conceive with medical assistance. However there are many cases where the women are unable to conceive largely due to male impotence in their partners. This is where the quality of love and commitment comes into the marriage and relationship. If a marriage is built on love and partnership, the woman can walk that extra mile to accept the situation and find alternate solutions to adopt children. Saving a relationship in such a case can give her a lot more in return because her man is likely to appreciate her generosity and love her more for that alone.