Love making activities strengthen the relationship

There is no doubt that sex is very important to everyone. Every person wants to experience the feeling of having sex with a beautiful lady on her bed. In this article, we shall discuss about the importance of sex and how much love is important before sex. The importance of sexual intercourse is known to everyone and the pleasure one gets during sexual intercourse cannot be explained in words. The relaxation of mind and other body parts allow the couple to plan their next sexual activity. Furthermore, sexual activity is also very important to show your love at extreme. A normal sexual intercourse does not just start after the meeting of opposite genders but a proper understanding is required before this. A good sexual intercourse is one in which both members of couple understand each other in a better way and that they can know what other person wants during sexual intercourse. By knowing each other, the male cares about the woman and woman cares about the man and in the end both get satisfied.

Love making

There are some things which you should be done before starting the sexual activity. Both members should tell each other if they dislike any specific step during sex. Sometimes, one person is not enjoying at all but pretend in front of other of enjoy. This situation should be avoided as much as possible because such sexual intercourse will not give pleasure to that person who is feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, if the man wants to have sex then he must ask the woman if she is interested in doing sex with him that day or not. It has been seen that some women feel difficulty in having sex very frequently. By asking her, he will give her a message that he does care about her and obviously love her very much. If she will be interested, she will give her reply with no delay otherwise there will be no pleasure of doing sex if she is not interested.

The start of a successful sex is a good foreplay in the form of kissing and rubbing the bodies. These acts before sex sexually arouse the woman and when the man start proper sexual intercourse it takes less time for woman to reach at climax. Women always take more time comparing to men in getting final sexual pleasure. In order to match the timing of climax, man needs to start sexual activity with foreplay. Men who have problems in maintaining their penile erection for longer time should do Kegel exercises which allow the man to stop premature ejaculation. The man who has control over his ejaculation can satisfy the sexual need of a woman easily. But the percentage of such men is very less because men usually remain busy in different offices work and find less time to perform such exercises which are good for health and help during sexual intercourse. To increase the erection time, use of medicines should be avoided and if it is very necessary then ask from a professional doctor before their use.