Knowledge About a Common Sexual Problem

Hobby is an activity that is adopted to do in free time. Every person has its own hobby. Some people like gardening and some like to go out with family or friends to pass their time. There are many people who like to read books before going to the bed. Some people like to read books which are related to health and contain solutions of many medical problems. A person should meet with a professional doctor for his medical checkup regularly but many people don’t do so. They prefer to treat their health problem with the help of books because they want to save their money. When they become the victim of any severe health problem, they start taking medicines as told in the book without knowing its pros and cons. In the end, such people become the victim of many other health problems. It is suggested to all such people who try to save their money by not going to the doctor that doctor has the skills to know your health condition in a better way. Moreover, only the doctor can tell you the medicine that is better for a particular health problem. It is very necessary for a person to ask doctor for a complete medical checkup after every month so that both doctor and the person can know the health condition. Through regular checkup, the doctor will be able to know if you have any health ailment. This was a general discussion about the behavior of people towards the treatment of health problem.

In most of discussions, we talk about general health problems and we forget to talk about sexual problems which are increasing very rapidly. Sexual problems are the part of health problems and they need proper treatment too. Both female and male have equal chances of getting sexual problems. Some sexually problems are transmitted from one person to another while some are caused by several other health problems. When we talk about erectile dysfunction in men, then we cannot forget to talk about its main causes. The main causes of impotence in men are

Common Sexual Problem
  1. Depression
  2. Heart disease
  3. Stress
  4. Spinal cord injury
  5. Diabetes
  6. High cholesterol level

The person who has erectile dysfunction cannot get penile erection because of less blood flow rate that passes through the penis. To increase the blood flow, the affected person needs to take drugs which can help him in getting the penile erection for 3-4 hours. How the blood flow decreases in high cholesterol level of body and become the cause of erectile dysfunction. When the person eats the food that contains high cholesterol, it starts to deposit inside the blood vessels and thus restricts the blood flow through it. This deposition will remain there until the person starts doing healthy activities. Cycling, running and working out at gym are those activities which can help in reducing the cholesterol level of the body and the blood flow can become normal. People who are victim of ED should meet with a professional doctor for its proper treatment and to get prolong erection.