Fertility problem in men can be identified by genetic test

The genetic test in the men can be identify that infertility in the men and sperm count can determine that whether this couple in able to conceive child bi IVF (In vitro Fertilization). Because those male who have shortage of the sperm then there will be very less chance that RNA will help to conceive the child, according to the research. A complete RNA test can help the doctor to identify that whether the potential father sperm has ability to go through the assisted reproductive technology (ART). In this technology egg is directed interacted with the sperm in the laboratory for conceiving the child, study suggested. The absence of RNA quantity is helpful to suggest the success rate of ART technology. This ART technology is far better than the casual intercourse by timed which is less invasive said Stephen Krawetz.

It is said on the basis of the research that about 13 percent if the people are not having child due to the infertility and for this purpose many of the tests are available for women who are trying to conceive the child for a long time. Male fertility test is very limited which consisted only on the color, concentration, volume, physical examination and Motility, Krawetz said. He added that if you think about the sperm then it should keep in mind that their quantity is too much high and look very fantastic but cannot do the job of fertilization. His team did research firstly on those couple who can conceive child naturally by doing sex and women was more fertile in couple.

Fertility problem

In the male, genetic test revealed the 648 RNA which shows the good fertility in the male. Other elements come from genes as fertilization properties, movement and embryo formation etc.

Krawetz said, the same kind of the genetic test for the women is not available. A single ejaculation of the male contain hundred billions of the sperms which provide a high amount of the sample of the analysis but on the other hand women contain only one egg for the genetic test which shows some sort of difficulties in genetic test.