Viagra is an oral medicine used for treating male impotence


Viagra is an oral medicine used for treating male impotence (ED).

Viagra is one of the most effective drugs that treat erectile deficiency. If you have any problem with erection and also not able to maintain it for longer periods, then you should have to take Viagra, which is considered one of the best drugs available in the market for impotency. Taking a pill of Viagra will deliver you the utmost sexual pleasure with your partner for longer periods.

Drug Uses

Drug Uses

If you have any problems with erection, then you have to try Viagra (Sildenafil citrate), which is one of the best medicines against erectile dysfunction.

Viagra is widely used for the treatment of impotency in men. It is the most used impotency drug as it has a record of efficiency and safety. People who have diabetes and high blood pressure can use Viagra.

How the Drug Acts

How the Drug Acts

A phosphodiesterase inhibitor, Viagra acts on the muscles in the penis. The drug relaxes the muscles, which forces more blood into the region. Once the blood flow increases, the penis gets harder. Moreover, the erection can also be maintained for a longer time. It is a fact that the penis gets harder and also the erection lasts for more hours once there is good flow of blood in the penis.

You can take a blue pill an hour before any sexual activity.



Always follow your doctor while taking Viagra. The prescribed dosage is 50 mg of Viagra a day. It is advised to take Viagra about 45 minutes ahead of any sexual activity. Once the pill is taken, the effect is known to last for about 4 hours. Though the recommended dosage is 50 mg, elderly persons are only given half of it as they are more prone to the side effects. If you are taking any alpha medicines, take Viagra only after 4 hours of taking the alpha medicines. Talking about the available doses of Viagra, you will come to know about three doses: 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg.

More Information

More Information

Never buy Viagra from the pharmacy store without consulting your doctor. Viagra can cause many side effects and it depends on your health conditions. Your doctor can only determine if Viagra can be used by you and if used in what dosage. Therefore it is better to inform your doctor about all your health conditions like heart problems, blood problems, liver and kidney problems, stomach ulcer, Peyronie's disease, retinitis pigmentosa, and prolonged or painful erections.



Before Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is used, you have to inform the doctor about the entire medicines that you use as some of them could interact with the impotency drug. While taking Viagra, never consume alcohol as mixing the two can only increase the risk of side effects. Viagra should also be avoided if you are on any medication containing nitrates. If Viagra is taken along with drugs containing nitrates, then you may experience a sudden fall in your blood pressure that can lead to stroke or heart attack. Other impotency drugs should also be avoided when talking Viagra.

Side Effects

Side Effects

Just like all medicines, Viagra also brings in many side effects. Facial flushing, headache, colour vision and blurred vision are some of the common side effects that a person can come across.

In some persons, a Viagra pill can cause longer erections. Well, this is not a good situation as longer durations can lead to the permanent damage of the penis. If you experience such a situation, better contact your doctor without any delay.

Heart attack or stroke has only been rarely reported with Viagra.

Getting Viagra

Getting Viagra

In the market you can come across hundreds of impotency drugs but Viagra is most sought after drug. It is easy to buy viagra as it is readily available at all drug stores. Well, if you feel shy to buy them from the open drug stores, you can buy the pills from the online pharmacy stores. You can order Viagra 100 mg online from FDA approved drugstore only to get the original and quality medication with low price.

Viagra is also sold by the name of Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is the generic name and you can ask the chemist about Viagra by it's generic name also.

So take a step now and buy Viagra 100 mg tablets online to resolve your sexual problem.

Viagra: Who should and should not take it?

Viagra: Who should and should not take it?

Viagra or sildenafil citrate is a prescribed medicine used to relax muscles and increases blood flow in particular parts of the body. It is commonly used as a remedy to erectile dysfunctionor impotence among men. It is not a type of medicine that you can just buy over the counter. It is given only to patients who provide a prescription about ED condition.

Before taking this medicine, take a minute to read on the following paragraph for some health precautions and advices.

Who should take Viagra?

  • Gender. This medicine is only prescribed to men and is not advised to be taken by women of any age and medical condition.
  • Age. It is true the erectile dysfunction is more common among older men. However, many potential users of Viagra are not classified under senior citizens. About 40% of mid-year-old men or those who are in their 40’s experience erectile dysfunction. As of today, Pfizer disclosed that most men that use their product are those in their 50s.
  • Men with erectile dysfunction. Also known as ED or impotence, erectile dysfunction is the condition when a man experiences difficulty getting or sustaining an erection. This condition occurs when there is no enough blood flow in the penis, thus precludingthe erection.

Who should not take Viagra?

Medical condition. Before taking in Viagra, you must consult to your physician or healthcare provider for some medical advices. If you have the following

  • Nitrate medicine intake.If you are a man who takes nitrates, a type of medicine given to patients who experience chest pain as it may cause abrupt and risky drop in blood pressure.
  • Heart ailments.This medicine should not be taken by men who have heart ailments such as angina, pain in the chest, irregular heartbeat, narrowing of the aortic valve, and coronary artery disease.
  • Heart surgery. This medicine is also prohibited for patients who underwent heart surgery within the last 6 months. Actually, this is not commonly prescribed to men who have experienced any heart failure.
  • Blood ailments. This medicine is also prohibited to patients with blood illnesses such as anemia, leukemia, or multiple myeloma.
  • High Blood pressure and high cholesterol.Viagrahas the ability to decrease the flow of blood to the optic nerve of the eye, thus causing sudden loss of vision.

Sex and age. Women and children should not take this medicine. There are no specific studiesabout its effects to women but a huge percentage of pain can be anticipated as this medicine is not formulated for them. Children may also suffer from dysfunction and pain when allowed to take Viagra.


With all those aforementioned considerations and health advices, it can be inferred that Viagra should only be taken by healthy men of the right age. Although suffering ED cannot be considered as a healthy status, one should be strong and fit enough to be able to take this medicine as this may incur serious and risky effect to the patient.

Over the counter drugs like Viagra

Revatio, Cilais, Levitra, Kamagra.

Viagra pills

Viagra is medicine that is prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or Impotency. There is some safety information about which you must have the knowledge so that you can use Viagra without getting any side effects. First of all, avoid taking Viagra if you are already using those medicines which contain nitrates. Such nitrate containing medicines are prescribed to those people who have chest pain and suffering with blood pressure. If it is very necessary to use Viagra, then do not forget to consult with your doctor. He will definitely help you in using the Viagra or he will tell you another way for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

In some cases, past health ailments can greatly affect the working of Viagra. Besides this, there are some medicines which can reduce the activity of Viagra inside the body. You must tell your doctor about previous health ailments and medicines you are using. Without this, the doctor may suggest you the wrong dose of Viagra that can cause serious problems for your health. After taking Viagra, if you are facing nausea, chest pain and discomfort during sexual activity, then take immediate help from Para-medical staff. The late in taking medical aid can be very hazardous for your health.

Viagra can also cause Priapism that is another sexual problem in which the affected person loses the erection very late. Taking Viagra without the prescription of a doctor can cause this sexual problem. Some people can also get an erection of more than 4 hours. In such case, the person should seek medical help because it may be a signal of Priapism. Age of the user plays an important role in the selection of right dose. Most of the doctors always recommend the use of 25 mg dose of Viagra to that person who is above 65 years age. Besides this, 25 mg dose is also recommended to those who are suffering with kidney and liver problems.

Some users of Viagra also reported that they start suffering with hearing problem when they start taking Viagra. It is not confirmed by the chemist whether this problem is caused by the use of Viagra or not. In other side effects of Viagra bluish vision, blurred vision, upset stomach and headache are present. You may also get these side effects but it is not necessary that every use of Viagra will get any of the given side effects.

The perfect medicine for Sexual dysfunction treatment

What most people don't know about Viagra is the fact that it was discovered by accident.

At the beginning of the 1990s Pfizer, one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies was testing a drug for the treatment of a heart disease called angina pectoris. The medicine failed to reduce arterial blood pressure but triggered an interesting side effect with most male patients: erection. Researchers realized then they discovered something of great importance and after further studying they turned the side effect of the first drug into a prime effect thus creating Viagra.

In 1996 Viagra was patented with the intent of developing a treatment for erectile dysfunction. At the end of the 1998 it received approval from The Food and Drug Administration being quickly accepted and used world wide.

Viagra acts based on the existence of nitric oxide (NO) an important signaling molecule present in human body. Its existence was discovered in 1987 by Louise Ignarro an American pharmacologist at California University and his assistant Georgeta Buga a research biologist. They managed to prove that once released in the blood vessel NO can trigger the relaxation of downstream vessels. Therefore it can also act as a vasodilator in the penile erection.

The World Health Organization recommends Viagra as first aid when it comes to erectile dysfunctions and admits its efficiency. Sidenafil (the common name of the active substance in Viagra, one by which the medicine gets classified in pharmacies) has proven its effectiveness regardless the etiology of the erectile dysfunctions.

The world is making progress very fast. Scientists of modern age are trying to make those things which may help them in the future. But on the other side these things are creating problem for us. You are well familiar about the usage of car that helps to move us from one place to another but it also creates environment pollution. If there is any positive aspect of a thing then there is also a negative aspect of the same thing. Same is the case with people. In the past, they less use the technology and did their work with their own hands. But now they use machines for their work that is why they are becoming the victim of different diseases.

What Are the Main Medical Causes For Erectile Dysfunction?

The main medical causes are mostly based on age. In younger males, like all the men below the 45 years of age, the most common reason for ED is the fright of failure or the performance anxiety.

An erection is caused by the entry of blood into the spongy cavities in the penile region through the widening of the arteries. With the help of sexual desire, arousal and excitement the brain transmits the signal to the penile arteries ordering them to dilate and cause an erection.

A single, minor event might be sufficient to activate this process. Like, while trying to have sexual intercourse on an occasion, you might have consumed too much alcohol or were just tired or anxious at the same moment and consequently you weren’t able to gain an erection.

In older males, even if the performance anxiety might be one of the causes of ED, it seems not to be a very dominant reason. It is very natural to observe any young/old man worrying about the erection standard after the arrival of the dysfunction.

It can be considered that performance anxiety is a case of all ED. Although in older males it acts as a secondary feature than being a dominant cause of ED.

Arteriosclerosis, type II diabetes or solidification of the arteries, poor lifestyle choices, and some prescription drugs, reduced levels of testosterone, chronic illnesses, prostrate surgery and illnesses are all the common reasons of ED in older males.

What is erectile dysfunction?

What are the major lifestyle causes of ED?

Apart from the psychological problems which can trigger ED, there are some lifestyle choices also which can have a huge influence on the severity of the dysfunction. Majority of these problems which can be corrected instantly, assisting in enhancing the condition and they comprise of daily habits or short of habits like:

  • Cigarette smoking

The consumption of nicotine has increased the solidification of the arteries. The blood flow to the penile region is regulated by these and the lack of regular function can cause ED in a minor form.

  • Use of Alcohol

Uncontrolled consumption of alcohol on any event can result to a single occurrence of ED. If this memory is set in your conscious mind then it can result in long term ED. Aside from this, excessive drinking during the lifetime can result in liver disorder which can cause hormonal variations in turn which is also a major cause of chronic ED.

  • Lack of Exercise and Obesity

Obesity can speed up the occurrence of type II diabetes which is also a usual cause of ED. Also if you are usually unfit and carry too much weight, then it is never leading to a proper sexual health.

  • Illicit medicines

Despite the often published and obvious common health condition which surrounds the illegal medicines, abuse of these materials can cause a severe influence on the sexual performance and sex life. Particularly, Marijuana, Opiates and Cocaine all dampen the senses and may result in long term sexual dysfunction quickly if the medicine is used every day.


The use of medicine is very necessary in case of any disease and health problem. Everyone face the health problem in his entire life and some of them loss their life. The best thing you can do in case of any health problem is to go to the doctor. Doctor has a lot of knowledge about all types of diseases so he can treat your problem easily. Health problems could be of any type but in this article I shall tell you about a sexual problem that is erectile dysfunction. Some doctors also called this problem as man impotence. The man who is suffering from this problem cannot get erection in sexually stimulated state. This is caused by the less flow of blood through the arteries of penis. You may know that penis become erect only when the flow of blood through it increases. In case of infected person, this blood flow does not increase and the man remains unable to get erection.

Ideal ED Drug- How to Cure Severe ED!

It is approximated that nearly half of the males in the age group of 40-65 suffer moderate-severe ED. Several men may find it embarrassing while facing difficulty in obtaining or sustaining an erection. Men aren’t alone and this section will focus on the ideal ED medicine.

In these males, the arteries which are responsible for the supply of blood in the pelvic region become restricted because of the increased cholesterol and fat. ED is also referred to as impotence and it takes place when a person is not able to get or maintain an erection hard enough for sexual satisfaction during intercourse. Experiencing difficulty during erection occasionally is not essentially to be worried about.

2 major causes of this sexual problem are psychological and medical issues.

Men aren’t alone and this section will focus on the ideal ED medicine

The physical causes of ED are:

  • Diabetes
  • After effects of some medicines
  • Excessive smoking or drinking
  • Reduction in blood flow due to the hardening of arteries in the body.

The Psychological causes of ED may comprise of:

  • Fatigue & depression
  • Stress which might be cause because of relationships
  • Feeling guilty about the experiences of sexual health and life.

Erection issues can be treated in men belonging to all the age groups.

The comforting news is that the ideal medication for ED can be in the form of natural treatments. Several of them are available as this is a curable health condition. The duration of the erectile problem is based on the type of causes, how fast has the treatment been taken and how fast does it start to work. The potential chances of developing erectile difficulties can be reduced by changing the lifestyle options which keep the blood vessels nourishing.

The following steps may help:

  • Daily workout
  • Eat a balanced & healthy diet
  • Quit smoking

Dietary counterpart of Viagra

There aren’t any miracle foodstuffs which can stop ED. However, some evidences show that few super foods might prove to be helpful. All those foods which are beneficial for the vascular health may also be good for problems during erection.

  1. The other alternative instead of consuming medicines for the treatment of this condition is to consume garlic which is simpler and healthier. Garlic is very helpful as it assists in the reduction of the increased cholesterol in the arteries.
  2. A latest study has indicated that flavonoids present in dark chocolate helps in enhancing the blood circulation levels.
  3. Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, greens and celery can improve the circulation levels due to the presence of extremely high amount of nitrates in these food items.
  4. Another latest study showed that males with ED who consumed pistachio nuts for some weeks also underwent some significant enhancement with the erectile problems.

The ideal bet to fight against ED is to consume a balanced and healthy diet which is healthy for both your blood circulation and heart. Some other foods which are beneficial for blood circulation are apples, cranberries etc.

Main Causes of Male Impotence

Health is wealth is a common phrase heard by many people. But how many people do really act upon it. People do know that they can only earn money if they have good health. Despite of knowing this thing, they spend their most of the time in office so that they can work extra time and earn a few more. The "few more" thing makes a person very careless about his health. He remains worried about earning money through different ways. He does not care about his health. He also does not give importance to his family but try to earn money. Such people should reconsider their life schedule because there are many other things which are important than wealth. The man will find more pleasure in finding himself healthy and fit with his family and friends rather than with the money. It is suggested to all such people who wasted their past in just earning money that they should now think about their health. Besides this, they should also give importance to their family members who do care a lot about it.


In this short article, I will share my knowledge about a problem that is a secondary effect of a disease which could be any. This secondary effect is called as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a problem which makes the man impotent. It means that the man suffering from it is unavailable for normal sexual intercourse with any female. What causes makes the person impotent? This is the most important question of this time. Basically, the things which help the person in getting penile erection are nervous system, hormones, peripheral nervous system and circulatory system. If any of these things is affected by any disease, the person starts experiencing problem in getting erection.

What kind of problems a man can face in nervous system? You know that depression and anxiety has become very common in today’s people. People remain worried about different things and think a lot. These things build pressure on mind and the person feels stressful. In this situation, the person finds it difficult to get penile erection. Furthermore, any problem with circulatory system can also cause erectile dysfunction. The circulatory system can only be affected by the food you are taking. In today’s age, junk and unhealthy food is used a lot by the people. People used to eat them in breakfast, lunch and even in dinner. This excessive use of junk food takes very less time to make a person ill. Fats and oils present in food may solidify in your blood vessels that can cause problems for the blood flow. Smoking and drugs addiction can be very harmful for the health. Drugs play an important role in making the person impotent. If you want to be healthy and fit, then you will have to stop doing all those activities which can make you impotent. I have discussed all causes so that you can consider them to prevent yourself from getting erectile dysfunction.