Viagra pills

Viagra is medicine that is prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or Impotency. There is some safety information about which you must have the knowledge so that you can use Viagra without getting any side effects. First of all, avoid taking Viagra if you are already using those medicines which contain nitrates. Such nitrate containing medicines are prescribed to those people who have chest pain and suffering with blood pressure. If it is very necessary to use Viagra, then do not forget to consult with your doctor. He will definitely help you in using the Viagra or he will tell you another way for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

In some cases, past health ailments can greatly affect the working of Viagra. Besides this, there are some medicines which can reduce the activity of Viagra inside the body. You must tell your doctor about previous health ailments and medicines you are using. Without this, the doctor may suggest you the wrong dose of Viagra that can cause serious problems for your health. After taking Viagra, if you are facing nausea, chest pain and discomfort during sexual activity, then take immediate help from Para-medical staff. The late in taking medical aid can be very hazardous for your health.

Viagra can also cause Priapism that is another sexual problem in which the affected person loses the erection very late. Taking Viagra without the prescription of a doctor can cause this sexual problem. Some people can also get an erection of more than 4 hours. In such case, the person should seek medical help because it may be a signal of Priapism. Age of the user plays an important role in the selection of right dose. Most of the doctors always recommend the use of 25 mg dose of Viagra to that person who is above 65 years age. Besides this, 25 mg dose is also recommended to those who are suffering with kidney and liver problems.

Some users of Viagra also reported that they start suffering with hearing problem when they start taking Viagra. It is not confirmed by the chemist whether this problem is caused by the use of Viagra or not. In other side effects of Viagra bluish vision, blurred vision, upset stomach and headache are present. You may also get these side effects but it is not necessary that every use of Viagra will get any of the given side effects.

The perfect medicine for Sexual dysfunction treatment

What most people don't know about Viagra is the fact that it was discovered by accident.

At the beginning of the 1990s Pfizer, one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies was testing a drug for the treatment of a heart disease called angina pectoris. The medicine failed to reduce arterial blood pressure but triggered an interesting side effect with most male patients: erection. Researchers realized then they discovered something of great importance and after further studying they turned the side effect of the first drug into a prime effect thus creating Viagra.

In 1996 Viagra was patented with the intent of developing a treatment for erectile dysfunction. At the end of the 1998 it received approval from The Food and Drug Administration being quickly accepted and used world wide.

Viagra acts based on the existence of nitric oxide (NO) an important signaling molecule present in human body. Its existence was discovered in 1987 by Louise Ignarro an American pharmacologist at California University and his assistant Georgeta Buga a research biologist. They managed to prove that once released in the blood vessel NO can trigger the relaxation of downstream vessels. Therefore it can also act as a vasodilator in the penile erection.

The World Health Organization recommends Viagra as first aid when it comes to erectile dysfunctions and admits its efficiency. Sidenafil (the common name of the active substance in Viagra, one by which the medicine gets classified in pharmacies) has proven its effectiveness regardless the etiology of the erectile dysfunctions.

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